Kicked Out For Having This?

We give a tour of Panther Lake Camping Resort in New Jersey to show all they have to offer. For $72 a night, we really feel we got our money’s worth out of this RV park, ev... Read more...

We Spent 14 Hours In The Big City<br> And It Was EPIC!

We leave our campground in New Jersey very, very early in the morning to head into New York City! With over 9+ million people living in NYC, we expect to be bothered by all... Read more...

Never Towing Like This Again!<br> Why Airbags Matter!

We are preparing to leave Cape May, so we take you along for some of the errands we like to take care of the day before we travel. From restocking on groceries to washing t... Read more...

Bad First Impression!<br> We Almost Left Over This!

Kevin gets a surprise when he goes shopping at the Walmart in New Jersey! After putting away groceries, we take the kids fishing at the RV park’s swimming/fishing pond. Thi... Read more...

They Didn’t Show Up! <br>This Was Our First Time Doing This!

We are excited to go whale watching today! Upon arriving to the Cape May Whale Watcher boat, we realize we may be severely underdressed! We’ve never seen a whale in the wild, so we are hoping to... Read more...

Road Closed! Now What?

Today, we leave Sun Outdoors Rehoboth Bay in Delaware and head to Cape May, New Jersey! We initially plan to take the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, but after further research, decide the longer route is... Read more...

Save 15% on the UltimateCloth!

Living in an RV fulltime, means we do lots of cleaning! Between our dog, children and living in a small space, things get dirty, QUICKLY! As RV'ers know, space is a hot commodity in RV's so havi... Read more...

Save 10% on Blu Technology <br>Water Filter Systems!

We've also decided to enhance our water filters, by upgrading our Camco TastePure RV Water Filter for a BluTech R3 Three Stage Water Filtration System.

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