Path to Adventure

Deciding on which path to take for our adventures each time we leave our home base is never an easy task since the USA has so many great things to see and do!  We always start by picking a theme for our trip, whether that be visiting the National Parks along our path or taking it easy and seeing the coast!  

When you decide on a path for your adventure, here’s a few helpful tips to consider:  how much time do you have to explore, how many big destinations/attractions do you want to see, can you fit any smaller activities into your trip that fall into your travel route and is there something for everyone in your travel party to enjoy so that everyone has an enjoyable experience!

Below are the paths we’ve taken so far in our adventures!  We hope they inspire you to get outside and begin Paving New Paths!

Path To The Wild West

The path to the wild west was our first extended trip that would include shorter stays in multiple states and campgrounds!  We had a nine-month window where we could travel before needing to come back to our home base in Texas, so we decided to get our America The Beautiful Pass and put it to work!  For $80, this pass would gain us free entry into the National Park Systems parks!  With so many parks to see, we set on our path and began checking them off, one-by-one!  

Since we didn’t begin filming right away, our path began in Vernal, Utah and continued through Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas!  It was a trip of a lifetime and we can’t wait to return to some of our favorite places!

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Path To The Beach

For this adventure, we were constrained by time and knew we didn’t want to do much physical activity during our trip, so we planned our path to the beach as an extended babymoon!  When we left for this adventure, Alecia was five months pregnant and we knew we wanted our trip to be four months long before we would need to be back in Texas to deliver our son, Kaden.  

We left Texas and visited Alabama, Florida, South Carolina and Georgia seeing coastal cities and beaches along our path!  It was the perfect babymoon, filled with lots of beach time, family visits and fun for the entire family!

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Path To 2023…Coming Soon!!!