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by Kevin Watson

Living in an RV fulltime, means we do lots of cleaning! Between our dog, children and living in a small space, things get dirty, QUICKLY! As RV'ers know, space is a hot commodity in RV's so having to store multiple cleaning products in such a limited space, isn't optimal.

We've found the perfect solution to our cleaning problems, and have replaced 90% of our cleaning products with a quick, effective and green product, called UltimateCloth! These cleaning cloths use a Mirafiber technology that make them great for every surface, both indoors and outdoors! Get rid of your unsafe and bulky cleaning products and save yourself time, money and space, by purchasing your UltimateCloth today!  UltimateCloth is offering Paving New Paths viewers a discount on their products by using the code found in the video’s description!


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