Road Closed! Now What?

by Kevin Watson

Today, we leave Sun Outdoors Rehoboth Bay in Delaware and head to Cape May, New Jersey! We initially plan to take the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, but after further research, decide the longer route is the safest option for us. So, instead of a 27-mile drive, we drive over 200 miles to get to the Sun Retreats Cape May Wildwood RV Park. Our drive gets pretty stressful, with a narrow bridge and unexpected road closure that sends us on a different path to Cape May.

Upon arriving to Sun Retreats, we have a large pull-through site and begin getting set-up. We notice our water pressure is less than ideal, so we test the water system without our Blu Technology 3-stage water filter hooked up. Watch to see how testing the system without the filter hooked up will let you determine if your filters need to be changed!

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