They Didn’t Show Up!
This Was Our First Time Doing This!

by Kevin Watson

We are excited to go whale watching today! Upon arriving to the Cape May Whale Watcher boat, we realize we may be severely underdressed! We’ve never seen a whale in the wild, so we are hoping to change that today!

The trip starts off great with seeing more dolphins than we can count! This three-hour adventure was packed with fun for our children and stay tuned to the end to see if we were able to see a whale! An added bonus was only having to pay one-penny for each child on this adventure!

After our dolphin and whale excursion, we decide to eat some lobster at a local restaurant called the Lobster House. This is Kevin’s first-time trying lobster, so he gets a lesson on how to eat them by a seasoned pro, before taking the kids back to the RV park to play on the playground!

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