Discounts and Partners

When we choose companies and products to partner with, we do so with our viewers in mind!  Finding useful and innovative products is something we take pride in!  We test these products rigorously before endorsing them and work hard to get our viewers the very best discounts!  Below is a current list of our partners!

Living in an RV fulltime means we do lots of cleaning! Between our dog, children and living in a small space, things get dirty, QUICKLY! Having to store multiple cleaning products in an RV isn’t optimal, when space is so limited.  UltimateCloth offers the perfect solution for anyone living in a small space!  We’ve been able to replace 90% of our cleaning products with these cleaning cloths!  

These cloths are a very effective and green product, that will save you so much time when it’s time to clean up every day messes!  They use a Mirafiber technology that make them great for nearly every surface, both indoors and outdoors!  You won’t need any other cleaning solution to begin using them, as they can be used dry or for a more effective clean, by adding water to the cloth!  We are so pleased with the space they have given us back in our RV and even more impressed with the effectiveness of the work they do!  

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Did you know that the common inline water filters that most RV’ers use only filter to 20 microns?  Because we live fulltime in our RV, we were constantly changing our inline water filters, while also having to change our 5 micron onboard filter monthly!  Talk about a lot of money going into all of these filters and because we kept extras on hand, they also took up a lot of storage space in our RV!

We knew there had to be a better solution, so we began researching different filter options.  This is when we learned just how ineffective our current set-up was!  When we learned about Blu Technology and the products they offer, we knew we wanted to partner with them to get you the very best filter system!  Going from 20 and 5 microns with our current filters to their system which filters down to 0.2 microns, has been a game changer for us!  We use their new R3 Three Stage Water Filter System that comes with three filters:  the sediment filter, the tasty filter and the high flow filter!  You can expect the filters to last three to four months between changes and will have less than a 10% drop in water flow to your RV when using their product!  Another advantage, is it is built out of carbon fiber and stainless steel, making it only 13 pounds, which is half the weight of the competition!

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WhereSafe has developed a product that can be used universally, and is not just for avid RV’ers!  Because our RV is our home, we want to ensure it is safe, when we are away from it, which is why we partnered with WhereSafe!  WhereSafe GPS asset trackers allow us peace of mind in monitoring the safety of our assets!  There are many advantages to this product, but our favorites are that we can can set up notifications and have real world GPS tracking on our RV, and because the device we chose is not permanent, it can be moved to any item you’d like to keep safe, such as trailers, golf carts and side-by-sides!  We think this product is a must-have for everyone!

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If you’ve slept on a stock RV mattress, you know just how uncomfortable they are!  Even worse, are RV couches that convert into beds, for children or guests to sleep on!  For over a year, our children slept on the couches from our Toyhauler that converted into a queen size bed, which was uncomfortable and unappealing, which is why we began looking at alternatives to their current set-up!  We already owned the Brooklyn Signature Mattress in our bedroom, so we knew we wanted a similar mattress for our children!  RV Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding has so many options when it comes to size, thickness and firmness, that it makes a great choice for anyone who owns an RV that wants to sleep better!  Their products are made in the USA, come delivered straight to you, and offer a warranty that can’t be beat!  With their mattresses, your RV sleep experience will improve drastically and you may even decide you want one at home, too!

Not sure what mattress to choose? Take this Mattress Quiz to find out what mattress is best for you!

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No matter if you’re a weekend warrior or a fulltime traveler, spending any time in an RV with propane on board, brings up a safety concern! What happens if you get a gas leak? We have the answer that will prevent gas leaks and give you peace of mind as it protects your investment, while keeping you safe every step of the way!  Since day one of owning our RV, we have had GasStops installed on the propane tanks on our rig!  GasStops are an emergency shut-off device for propane tanks. In the event of a major leak or regulation failure, the GasStop will instantly and automatically shut off the flow of gas on your RV! Not only will they protect you in the event of a major gas leak, they can also be used to detect minor leaks in your system, as well!

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Are you limited on storage space in your RV? Do you like having different jackets available to you on your travels, but have no space to store them? We have the perfect solution to this common problem among RV’ers! We partnered with OROROwear on their heated jackets! We have used these jackets, and the best thing about them, is they are very light weight, but have the option to provide low, medium or high heat, through a battery source installed in the jacket! Having one jacket that does it all has saved us so much closet space! They also provide other heated outerwear options, such as vests, fleece, sweatshirts and a heated seat cushion for your favorite camping chair!

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Do you want to be able to power or charge things when you are away from a dedicated power source? We teamed up with EBL to test out their EBL1000 Portable Power Station and Solar Generator! It comes equipped with DC and AC outlets, USB and USB-C outlets, quick charge ports and wireless charging for your phone, all in one lightweight, compact power station! It also comes with two solar panels, making charging possible anywhere! Although we use our EBL1000 to power our portable electric refrigerator to keep our drinks and snacks cold while on long adventures, it can do so much more! The EBL1000 is a must have item for emergency power outages or spare power when you need it most and is useful for homeowners, tent campers and RV’ers!

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Want to save weight and have more power? These were our top two reasons for going with a RoyPow and PowerUrus lithium battery when it was time to replace the lead acid battery in our RV! Weighing in at just 27 pounds, it packs a punch at 12V and 100AH! The video below compares the differences between the lead acid and lithium battery, as well as how to upgrade your converter to work with a lithium battery. Going lithium has given us more battery capacity and the ability to operate without power longer than we could with our previous lead acid battery!  Looking for a change or upgrade? Check them out!

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Do you dread having to make travel plans? When it comes to fulltime RV living, this is the task we hated the most! That is, until we discovered RV Life PRO! RV Life Pro has taken the hassle out of trip planning and has allowed us to spend more time enjoying the plans and less time making them! It is fully customizable to your RV details, such as length and height, and can even provide safe routes that help you avoid low clearances, steep grades, weight limits and propane restrictions! You can plan fuel stops into your route and many other customizable features, making your drive days a lot less stressful!

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You can’t go RV’ing without and eBike, right? It allows you to get out and explore the wide-open spaces as well as get a little exercise while doing so!  We partnered with Lectric eBikes to test their newest Lectric XP 3.0 eBike! It has added so much fun to our RV adventures and comes equipped with a 500-watt motor and long-lasting battery! It is both lightweight and sturdy, and also collapses into a small footprint, making it ideal for RV’s with limited storage! If you’re interested in learning more about Lectric and their full lineup of eBikes and trikes, click the link below!

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