Bad First Impression!
We Almost Left Over This!

by Kevin Watson

Kevin gets a surprise when he goes shopping at the Walmart in New Jersey! After putting away groceries, we take the kids fishing at the RV park’s swimming/fishing pond. This is the first time we have fished in a long time! See if we get lucky and if the girls are able to catch any on their own!

We take you on a tour of Sun Retreats Cape May Wildwood RV Park, where we have been the past few days. While it gave us a bad first impression, we actually end up really liking this RV park and would stay here again in the future! To end our time at Cape May, we cook a late breakfast on our Blackstone grill in honor of Mother’s Day!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

22 inch Blackstone Griddle
 Adjustable Regulator For Blackstone
1/4 QD adaptor for Blackstone
1/4 propane QD
3/8 flare x 1/4 NPT
Phils Chair
Kosmos Q BBQ Rubs
Blackstone Accessories

Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

Whale Watching in Cape May!


Getting Here Was A Challenge!


We Have To Move With No Airbags!

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