Our Path

We are Kevin and Alecia and we live fulltime in our RV with our three children, Ashlyn, Kayla and Kaden, and dog, Buddy!  Before beginning this lifestyle, we were your normal, every day family, who worked to live and lived to work!  

After our second child was born, we began researching options for additional sleeping space in our home, since we would no longer have a guest bedroom!  This led us to considering a home remodel, adding on an addition above our current garage, or building a completely new shop to house a new RV where our guests could sleep when they came to visit!

In considering these options, we decided a new shop and RV would be the best “fit” for us!  We could use the RV for family vacations and it could serve as space for our guests to sleep when it was parked at our home!

After watching YouTube video after YouTube video of different RV’s, we found families that lived in their RV fulltime!  Our plans of making space for guests quickly changed!  We decided life is short, and we wanted more family time with our children, versus the life we had created where Kevin worked the majority of the year, only to come home and rush through chores, just to be called back to work sooner than any of us wanted!

This shift in lifestyle, was about “Paving New Paths” to stop living everyone else’s normal, and find happiness in each other and the experiences we created together!  Once our path was decided, other people’s opinions of our decision, didn’t hold as much weight as they would have in the past!

We began selling our possessions as quickly as possible to get us on our path sooner, rather than later!  Once our home, cars and boat were gone, the rest was easy!  We found the perfect RV for our family and a truck to tow it, then set out to customizing it to best fit our new lifestyle!

We encourage you to “Pave Your Own Path” even if it is the path less traveled!  To stay up-to-date on our journey, we encourage you to sign up for our emails below so you don’t miss our latest adventures, how-to’s and even occasional mini-series videos!

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