Not Working For Us!

We have a very long drive from Oklahoma City back to our home base in Texas, so along the way, we discuss all of the challenges we faced in the three weeks we have been on the road again. We rea... Read more...

Make It Stop!

We’ve been on the road nearly three weeks, and during that time we have been ill at least 10 of those days! We arrived in Oklahoma City on a Monday and did not leave the RV until Friday! With on... Read more...

Will We Ever Make It?

The long, long drive begins! We are leaving our home base today, to start our three-day journey, to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. After telling Phil and LoLo bye, we travel a whopping 40-miles befor... Read more...

It Was Better Than Most!

It's our last day in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, so we make the best of it!  We head to Hochatown Petting Zoo, where we see everything from kangaroos to deer, to rabbits and ostriches.  Our girls even... Read more...

Exploring Broken Bow, Oklahoma

In this video at Broken Bow Oklahoma, we hike the Friends Trail at Beavers Bend State Park, which ends up being more challenging than we anticipated!  The challenge was absolutely worth it once ... Read more...

Caravan Time!<br> RV'ing In Oklahoma

It’s time to meet up with family and friends for a week of camping and fun in Broken Bow, Oklahoma!  No one in our group had been to this area before, so we had the best time exploring all it ha... Read more...

It Always Rains On Travel Day

We travel 400 miles from Nebraska to Kansas! While in Kansas, we visit Lucas, Kansas, which is home of the Bowl Plaza: America's Most Artistic Giant Toilet and S. P. Dinsmoor's, Garden of Eden. ... Read more...

Save 15% on the UltimateCloth!

Living in an RV fulltime, means we do lots of cleaning! Between our dog, children and living in a small space, things get dirty, QUICKLY! As RV'ers know, space is a hot commodity in RV's so havi... Read more...

Save 10% on Blu Technology <br>Water Filter Systems!

We've also decided to enhance our water filters, by upgrading our Camco TastePure RV Water Filter for a BluTech R3 Three Stage Water Filtration System.

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