It Always Rains On Travel Day

by Kevin Watson

We travel 400 miles from Nebraska to Kansas! While in Kansas, we visit Lucas, Kansas, which is home of the Bowl Plaza: America's Most Artistic Giant Toilet and S. P. Dinsmoor's, Garden of Eden.  It never fails that the day we choose to have big travel days, we get rain...and more rain...and more rain!

It was a nail-biter getting out of the RV park in Kansas as we get ready to travel 550 miles over two days! We have an overnight boondock in a truck stop, before getting to Oklahoma.  Once we get to Broken Bow, we meet up with family and family friends, who we haven't seen in months to get ready for a week of fun!

Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

We meet up with Friends and Family In Broken Bow, Oklahoma!


 Our last Adventure from Scotts Bluff, Nebraska!


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