Will We Ever Make It?

by Kevin Watson

The long, long drive begins! We are leaving our home base today, to start our three-day journey, to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. After telling Phil and LoLo bye, we travel a whopping 40-miles before needing to make our first stop of the day! Will we make it to our first stopping point near Broken Bow, Oklahoma before nightfall at this pace?

On day two, we leave Willows at Watson RV Park in Watson, Oklahoma and travel to Fayetteville, Arkansas. We are glad to find out that our calculations were wrong, making our drive day only three hours! We make it to Hog Valley RV and Treehouse Resort with no problems and even have time to let the kids burn some energy at the playground, before calling it a night. We also share a shackle tip if you are ever forced to park with your wheels off of the ground, so stay tuned for it!

On our final travel day, we have to travel our last 50 miles into Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where we will be staying at the Wanderlust RV Park. We have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do, but are so excited to be back on the road and traveling again!

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Morryde Shackle kit
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B&W Companion
Bakflip Mx4 Bedcover 


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