The Best National Park<br> You've Never Heard Of

When in North Dakota, you must visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park!  This park is spread throughout three units: The North Unit, The South Unit and The Elkhorn Ranch Unit.  While you do have ... Read more...

The Middle Of Nowhere!

Our adventure starts with us visiting the Dickinson Museum Center in Dickinson, North Dakota, which includes the Badlands Dinosaur Museum, the Joachim Regional Museum and the Pioneer Machinery H... Read more...

The Strangest Highway!

We make it to Dickinson, North Dakota and first on list of things to do is The Enchanted Highway, which is in Regent, North Dakota.  We start the Enchanted Highway with the Geese in Flight sculp... Read more...

Our Longest Move Ever!

We try to keep really long RV travel days to a minimum, because with two young kids and a dog, they get LONG, REALLY FAST!  In this video, we travel from just outside of Glacier National Park in... Read more...

Save 15% on the UltimateCloth!

Living in an RV fulltime, means we do lots of cleaning! Between our dog, children and living in a small space, things get dirty, QUICKLY! As RV'ers know, space is a hot commodity in RV's so havi... Read more...

Save 10% on Blu Technology <br>Water Filter Systems!

We've also decided to enhance our water filters, by upgrading our Camco TastePure RV Water Filter for a BluTech R3 Three Stage Water Filtration System.

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