The Best National Park
You've Never Heard Of

by Kevin Watson

When in North Dakota, you must visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park!  This park is spread throughout three units: The North Unit, The South Unit and The Elkhorn Ranch Unit.  While you do have to drive some distance between the units, the scenic drives make it worth it!  

This is one of the least visited national parks, with an average of only 600,000 visitors per year, but is one of the best ones we have ever seen!  There are bison galore (or buffalo, as we sometimes call them) and you can see Teddy Roosevelt's first home in North Dakota, the Maltese Cross Cabin.  He later built a larger homestead, at the Elkhorn Ranch.  Although the home no longer stands, you can see the outline of the home and explore along the Little Missouri River, where the Elkhorn Ranch is located.  It takes us two days to explore the area and we go on some great hikes while in the park, as well.

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