You Need To Be Prepared!

by Kevin Watson

You better be prepared when you come to this part of Texas! Otherwise, it will definitely cost you! In this video, we give you a tour of RoadRunner Travelers RV Park in Terlingua, which is right outside of Big Bend National Park and where we have stayed while in Terlingua.

After giving you a tour of the park, we take you into town to show you a few of the places you may need to frequent while in the area, such as the gas station and only grocery/hardware store, Cottonwood General Store. We give you a few tips about how the town operates, especially when there is no power in the town, and give you some of the prices we encountered while shopping at Cottonwood for essentials.

Last, we begin cleanup from our 16-day stay in Terlingua and get everything ready to travel the following day, as we leave the Big Bend area!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Phils Chair
Iceco VR45 PRO Freezer/refrigerator
Blackstone 22inch Griddle
Outdoor Folding Table


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