You Can't Say
That! This Is A Family Channel!

by Kevin Watson

This video marks our seventh video in our “Week In The Life” series from Williamsburg, Virginia! After taking a few days off from the history that makes up the area, we head back into it today, starting our day at Colonial Williamsburg. We bought a bounce ticket that gave us access to Busch Gardens theme park and Colonial Williamsburg for seven days, so we decided it was time to complete the historic triangle that is, Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown!

We know that Colonial Williamsburg is quite large, and we aren’t too sure about what we want to do once we get there, so we go to the Visitor Center for some guidance. We share an insider tip on the carriage rides they offer and also share a pro-tip on why keeping your bounce tickets handy for the week is a must! While inside Colonial Williamsburg, we see mansions, gardens, live shows and living actors! We share our pet peeves of places like this, offer advice on how to make your time there more enjoyable, then jump to the future so you can see some of our time inside Busch Gardens!

We have a huge surprise leaving Colonial Williamsburg that turns out to be the highlight of our day, then decide to take a drive through the William & Mary College, the second-oldest institution of higher education in the USA, where some of our founding fathers (and many other prominent figures in American history) attended university!

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