Where Is The RV?

by Kevin Watson

When we made the decision to make a lifestyle change and sell everything to live fulltime in the RV, it was for videos like this! We decided life is too short to prioritize money and things over time and experiences with family and friends. In this video, we take our first trip out of town (without the RV) as a family of five to visit family a couple hours from our home base.  This video is all about fulfilling that dream of quality time with the people that matter! In the past, we had to speed through out-of-town family visits, due to a demanding work schedule and often times, Kevin didn’t get to go on these family visits because he was always at work!

We also share an awesome company we partnered with that allows us peace of mind when we have to leave the RV to go out of town!  WhereSafe GPS asset trackers allowed us to leave the RV for five days, and we were able to set up notifications and have real world GPS tracking on our RV while we were away! This is a great product for not only RV’s, but trailers, side-by-sides, golf carts and even to keep on your person should your family need to find you in an emergency!  WhereSafe has offered Paving New Paths viewers a 10% discount by using the code found in the video’s description!

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