When You Can’t Avoid A Wreck!
How To Handle This Situation!

by Kevin Watson

It’s time to leave West Virginia and continue our journey to Penrose, North Carolina, where we will stay at Pisgah Forest RV Park and Campground. But first, Kevin gives a tip about filling propane tanks in the campground, and why that is sometimes the best option!

We get eight miles from our campground in North Carolina, when we come to a wreck that had traffic being diverted into an adjacent parking lot. We knew we would not be able to make the turns for the detour through the parking lot and gas station, so we were prepared to wait out the delay the wreck would cause.

We arrive to Pisgah Forest RV Park and Campground and have a nice pull-through site. Our first day of adventures led us to Charlotte, where we checked out the Nascar Hall of Fame! We had a blast there and then ventured on to the small town of Wilkesboro. You’ll have to watch to see why we went there, but here’s a hint…it involves something BLUE that Kevin absolutely loves!

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