When They’ve Had Enough!
What It’s Really Like!

by Kevin Watson

This video marks our third video in our “Week In The Life” series where we film a video every day for week, while in Williamsburg, Virginia! We decide to check out the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, where there is an outdoor Continental Army encampment and Revolution-era farm, along with a museum, indoors. The encampment and farm outdoor areas have live actors and we were able to watch them fire a cannon, which is only fired once a day! You also get an inside look at some of the challenges we face when we set out to film our adventures!

We also decide to drive through Yorktown Battlefield, which is part of Colonial National Historical Park Virginia. There is a fee to see the exhibits, even if you are a National Park Pass holder, so we opted out of seeing them. We end our day at YROC Coastal Bar & Grill where we got to see boats docked right outside the restaurant!

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