What Hasn't Broken?

by Kevin Watson

When we decided to live in an RV fulltime, we went back and forth on whether we should purchase a new RV or buy a used RV.  Buying new would give us what we thought would be peace of mind of having a warranty and dedicated dealership to work with when issues were sure to arise, while buying used would give us the option of using the savings in cost to handle our own repairs.  After much research, we realized that most dealerships don't care about your problems once you've taken ownership of your RV and that basic or extended warranties aren't always money well spent.  

We continually saw owners giving up their rigs for weeks and months at a time to have warranty or repair work done by their dealer.  This made the decision for us, since we would be living in our RV fulltime and traveling the country and wouldn’t have the option to be out of our rig for any length of time.  We decided to buy a used rig knowing that things would need repaired but felt confident that we could handle the majority of issues on our own, with a little research. After 18 months of fulltime living, we have comprised a list of ALL the things that have broken during that time!  Although the list is lengthy, most of the items were quick fixes, with minimal cost involved! We review every problem we’ve encountered in this video to show you what to really expect from fulltime RV life!

 Items Mentioned In This Blog:

 Tire Linc
Morryde Heavy Duty Shackle and Wet Bolts
Morryde X-Factor Crossmembers
Raptor Bedliner Kit


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

Our 1-year-old roof came off! Check out how we fixed it here:


We had MAJOR bedrail clearance issues! Check out our solution from Gen-Y!


Our skylight was leaking! Check out why here


We upgraded our fireplace! Check out the facelift here:


Our underbelly fell off! See our permanent solution here:


Our DIY repair went bad and we destroyed our slide!


 After 1-year our truck needs upgrades!


We got the dreaded poo pyramid.


Our ceiling lights were flickering!


Our Zero-G freshwater hoses won't stop leaking!


 We love our new Blu Technology R3, Three Stage Water Filter!

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