What Could Go Wrong?

by Kevin Watson

In today’s video, Kevin takes the girls on adventures right in their backyard, in the neighboring town of Lufkin.  The first stop is to the Naranjo Museum of Natural History, where they explore dinosaurs and hands on exhibits, before finding their own stuffed dinosaur to bring home!  After a quick stop to pick up Alecia and Kaden, we head to the local park to let the girls play on the playground!  Then, we decide to brave the crowds, and go out to eat with all three kids!  Kevin has his work cut out for him as he gets everyone out of the truck and into the restaurant!

The next morning, the adventures continue, and Kevin and the girls pick up donuts to enjoy at their next stop!  They have a quick parking lot breakfast before heading into the Ellen Trout Zoo, to meet their Aunt Crissy, who is a zoo employee!  Crissy leads them on a tour to see all of their favorite animals, then they head home for some rest after two days of fun!

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Alecia's New Shoes
 Kevin's New Shoes


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