We're Stuck Here!

by Kevin Watson

CreekFire Motor Ranch RV Resort was such a fun place to be that it took us nearly a week to leave the resort to check out the town of Savannah, Georgia! Once we got out of the park and made our way into Savannah, we visited many great places such as Forsyth Park and the famous Forsyth Park Fountain, and the Waving Girl Statue at Morrell Park. Then we went down River Street, where we saw the Riverboat Cruises and Savannah's City Market, along with all the shops and restaurants along River Street!

As the day got hotter, we thought we would beat the heat by going to an indoor railroad museum, but when we arrived at the Georgia State Railroad Museum, we discovered it was not an indoor museum! We took a quick tour, then decided to go downtown to visit The Lady & Sons Restaurant which is one of Paula Deen's flagship restaurants! Parking isn’t always the easiest to find in downtown areas, so you’ll want to watch as Alecia shares a parking tip for oversized vehicles!

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