We're Moving Out! Big Changes Happening!

by Kevin Watson

We made it back to Texas and are temporarily moving out of our RV!  There are a lot of big changes happening in the RV over the next month, as we prepare for the arrival of our baby boy!  Nesting mode has set in, so there is a lot of cleaning and repairs happening in this video! 

We find new uses for our UltimateCloth cleaning cloths and solve our leaky hose problem so that we can hook up our new Blu Technology R3 Three Stage Water Filtration System.  Both UltimateCloth and Blu Technology have offered Paving New Paths viewers a discount on their products by using the codes found in the video’s description!

Items Mentioned in this Episode:

 Zero G Black Water


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

We love our new Blu Technology R3, Three Stage Water Filter! 

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