We're Locked Out!

by Kevin Watson

If you are looking for adventures in the Daytona Beach and Flagler Beach areas of Florida, this is the video for you!  On our first fun-filled day, we visit Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, where we get to see one of the oldest and largest Oak trees in the area called the Fairchild Oak.  We head over to Bulow Creek State Park hoping to see the Bulow Plantation Ruins, but they were closed.  We went back to Flagler Beach and decided to have an early dinner at The Anchor restaurant before taking a walk on the famous Flagler Beach Fishing Pier.

Day two of adventures took us to Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier to look for some fun things for the kids to do, but once again, struck out since the Ferris Wheel and Roller Coaster are no longer there! We decided to get ice cream and saltwater taffy before taking a drive in our dually on "The World's Most Famous Beach".

For our final adventures in the Daytona area, we went back to Bulow State Park so we could see the Bulow Sugar Plantation Ruins which was a great time!  We ended our day letting our girls hold snakes, watch handlers extract venom from the snakes and see other reptiles at The Reptile Discovery Center!

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