We Waited Seven Months For This!
Was It Worth It!

by Kevin Watson

We made it to Maine by July which has been our goal since we started our “40-in-40 trip” in January! It was a long drive from Texas and we’ve had a few mishaps along the way, so was the trip worth it? This video covers all of the things we’ve done while in Maine, like the popular Bar Harbor fireworks show on the fourth of July, an airplane ride over Acadia/Bar Harbor and finally finding a lobster roll we LOVED!

Watch to see what we thought of our campground in Trenton where we met so many viewers of our channel, how we celebrated Kevin’s 40th birthday and what upgrades we’ve done to our rig and our friend’s truck! You’ll even get a quick visit from Phil, as we video chat with him to show him who is in Phil’s chair! 

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Phils Chair
Kosmos Q Wing Dust
Kosmos Q BBQ Rub
 Pit Boss Pellet Grill


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

When We Arrived In Bar Harbor 


A Train Horn 


Our Onboard Air System 


Fixing our Baggage Door Handles 

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