We’re Starting Over

by Kevin Watson

It’s time to start over from scratch after being at our home base for three months.  We decided to move out of the RV completely while we were home to deliver our baby boy.  This is because we wanted to start over in terms of what we would bring with us in the RV as a family of five for our next adventure! 

Alecia has a few ideas on changes she’d like to make to the RV, so help us decide how far we should take our second bathroom conversion and whether or not we should replace our couch with a new one and sell our never used MORryde PatioEx Inflatable Tent!  You won’t believe how much stuff has accumulated underneath our current couch, in about a two-month period, which is one of the reasons we are looking to replace it!  And if you’ve ever wondered how to change out a broken pull handle on the couches that extends the recliner chair, Kevin shows how easy that repair is.

We have so much to organize and move in before it’s time to hit the road, so stay tuned to see how our final five days at our home base go and whether or not we are able to get it all done!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Rough Country Seat Covers
Center Console Cover
Dewalt Vacuum
Pull Handle For Couch


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

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