We Ran Out Of Time!
It's Not ready!

by Kevin Watson

We were supposed to be purging the RV of all the extras that we have accumulated over the holidays, but time is up! We have three days to get the RV road ready, but we have to start with helping Phil and LoLo get their RV ready to go as well, since they will be caravanning to Big Bend with us from Fredericksburg!

We start with getting propane tanks filled, then Kevin takes you to our RV to show you how to use the GasStop Emergency Shutoff Valves to perform a minor leak down test. We head back to Phil and LoLo’s for the National Championship game, but end up leaving at halftime since the game didn’t end up being much of a game!

The following day, we prepare to purge the RV, but our plans get changed. A family member called us and wants to buy Kevin’s dad’s RV, so Kevin leaves to go take care of transferring it over to the new owner.

On our final day before travel, we decide we will only do what has to get done to get us road ready. We decide to call it an early night, so that we can get some much needed rest before our travels begin. Everything else on our list will have to wait until we get to Fredericksburg and have more time on our hands!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Phils Chair
 Viair 200 PSI Onboard Air System
Viair Digital Inflation Kit
Zep Citrus Degreaser
Happy Camper
Lucas Oil Red N Tacky Grease


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