We Made Bad Choices!

by Kevin Watson

It’s time to get the RV road ready, as we prepare to leave Eureka Springs, Arkansas for Branson, Missouri. Since it’s only about 50 miles away, we won’t have a long travel day, but we will have a surprise waiting for the kids, once we arrive in Branson! We have a ton of laundry to do since we have been so sick, so we use the RV park’s laundry facility and our own washer and dryer, to get the job done. Kevin also has to go to town to fill the propane tanks and pick up a new 90° fitting for the fresh water supply, then comes back to dump and flush all of our tanks.

We get all of our packing up done and Kevin gives Alecia a pop-quiz on how to get out of our RV spot. We make it to Branson View Campground and get set-up before taking the kids to see their surprise at the nearby timeshare!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

RV 90 Degree Water Hose Adaptors
 RV Freshwater Brass QD
Gas Stop Propane Safety Valve
Blackstone Griddle
Adjustable Regulator for Blackstone
1/4" Propane QD
3/8 flare to 1/4 NPT propane fitting
Camco TST Max
Thetford AquaMax
Happy Camper
Unique RV Digest It Treatment
Splendide Washing Machine
Splendide Dryer


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

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