We Have A BIG Problem!

by Kevin Watson

Our 2020 Grand Design Momentum 397TH was having major bed rail clearance issues with our 2020 Ford F350!  After a few close calls of the RV crushing the bed rails, we finally did some damage to the bottom of the fifth wheel on the RV, when they touched each other.  We didn't want to cause more damage to our rig or truck, so after researching different pin boxes, we finally decided on a solution!

In this video, we remove the pin box, which is a Lippert Rota-Flex, and upgrade it to the Gen-Y Executive. We complete the 1,000-mile break-in that Gen-Y says you should give the hitch and give you our opinion on whether it helped fix our problem or not!

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If you're interested in the Gen -Y Executive pin box, check it out here!


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