We Got Lost!

by Kevin Watson

We are so impressed as we arrive to Cherry Hill RV Park in College Park, Maryland, as the campground looks to be amazing! We decide to wait until the end of our stay here to tell you our thoughts and give a tour of the park, so that we can try out everything they have to offer, first! The park offers an orientation for new guests, where they go over the tours they offer, how the public transit system works in D. C., how to use your Smart Trip Cards and more! It proves to be very informational and we suggest everyone attend if it’s your first visit to Washington D. C.!

We set out to ride the subway, which is a first, for everyone in our family! We successfully make it to the National Mall and begin our day of exploring all things D.C., including the:  Washington Monument, White House, Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pond, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial! Although we saw a lot, we have barely scratched the surface on all of the history to see in the area, so we know we will have to return to D. C. at least one more time! On our return trip home from the subway, we had to get assistance from a local on what subway we needed to catch, as we got a bit confused!

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