We Got KICKED OUT Of Our RV Park!

by Kevin Watson

Think there's NO DRAMA in RV life?  Think again!  Our video highlights what happens when you choose the wrong campground to spend a week relaxing and unwinding!  

While we do give some consideration to user reviews, we don't always mark a campground off our list just because of a handful of poor reviews.  Unfortunately, we paid the price this time and will now consider ALL reviews that pertain to power shortages and general upkeep!  Let our mistake save you the drama of dealing with a park manager that thinks your "big rig is taking all the power” out of their park!

One highlight that came from this huge inconvenience, is that our next campground, just outside of Glacier National Park, was able to accommodate us four days early!  Thanks to getting kicked out, we were able to visit Glacier three times, instead of just once, which is what we had originally planned!  Oh, and our new campground had plenty of electricity for ALL of the rigs in their campground and was very well kept!

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Day one from Glacier National Park!


Day two from Glacier National Park!

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