We Found Our Next Tow Rig!

by Kevin Watson

Kevin is half-way to a habit of making exercising a priority again, by running at Old Orchard Park in Diboll!  We give a one-week post-op update on Alecia’s ankle and go on our first family outing since Alecia’s surgery!  Alecia’s parents are also in Florida for the week, so you’ll see if we are able to manage without them!

Diboll Day happens every two-years in Alecia’s hometown, so we were excited to be able to take all three kids to the parade and park for all of the festivities!  After watching the parade, Alecia and Kaden head home, while Kevin takes the girls and their cousin to the park for some fun!  He just so happens to find our next tow vehicle there!

Once he gets home, he works on the Viair air compressor that didn’t end up being fixed from our last video.  Let’s see if he gets it fixed this time, or if it still causes us problems!  We are only a few weeks out from our website and new merchandise being available, and from one lucky viewer winning the Himiway e-bike!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Klein CL380 Amp Clamp
 Fluke 1577 Multimeter
Pitboss Portable Pellet Grill
Kosmos Q Seasoning 


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