We Destroyed The Slide Again!
This Time It's Worse! Can It Be Repaired?

by Kevin Watson

Recently, we accidentally stepped on our slide out when it was in the retracted position, causing the floor to separate from the wall. We have been managing this issue, until we could get to the Memphis area, where we have a trusted RV technician, who will help us to get it fixed.

After about eight moves, we noticed that both slide skis were also damaged, so we have those parts delivered to our campground, ready for the technician to replace. Chris of Town & Country Mobile RV does a great job explaining how the damage occurred and gives a step-by-step review of how he makes the necessary repairs. If you’ve never turned your needle valves to make one slide stay retracted, you’ll want to watch, as Kevin shows how that process is done.

If you’d like to have repairs made by Chris or any of the other qualified technicians we used, please contact:

Town & Country Mobile RV in Olive Branch, MS at (662) 890-1623

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Slide Skis
 Board Repair Tape
Butyl Tape
3M Outdoor Double Sided Tape


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

How We Damaged The Slide, and Managed It Until Today!


Check Out The First Time Chris Fixed Our Slide Skis!


We Upgraded To Lithium While We Were Here!

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