Was It Worth It?
Did We Overpay For This!

by Kevin Watson

We have been one of very few customers at Sun Outdoors Rehoboth Bay for the past few days. The weather is chilly, but as the weekend nears, the park begins filling up. We decide to give a tour of the park before the crowd arrives, as we think this park is amazing! It has an amazing playground for the kids to enjoy, a heated pool with swim up bar/restaurant, cabins and RV’s you can rent, kayaks, golf carts, an onsite restaurant, beach area and more! We discuss our pricing for the week versus the weekenders and what the advantages are for staying a week!

We decide to have two pool days while the weather is nice and the kids have a lot of kids to play with at the pool! And before we leave Delaware, we go into Rehoboth Bay to the Rehoboth Beach to see the ocean and shops/restaurants along the boardwalk!

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