Walking Was Faster!

by Kevin Watson

On our second day at Glacier National Park, we start our day at the popular Trail of the Cedars and Avalanche Lake Trailhead, which is a two-mile hike in, to see Avalanche Lake (four miles roundtrip).  It was tough finding a parking spot, but we got lucky, and boy, were we thankful!  The hike was amazing and the views from the lake were unbelievable!

After leaving Avalanche Lake, we travel to a less populated part of Glacier, to Bowman Lake.  To get there, you drive through Polebridge through the Polebridge Ranger Station.  As a head's up, these roads are extremely bumpy, and it takes about an hour and a half to get to Bowman Lake via the Polebridge Ranger Station.  

When we arrived, there were a few photographers set up getting great photos of Numa Peak and Livingston Range.  We left the area where the photographers were staged and did a short hike, where it felt like we had Glacier all to ourselves.  There were no other people in this area, and the only sounds we heard were moose and other wildlife!  If you have the time, and a vehicle that can safely get you to Bowman Lake, we highly recommend taking the time to visit this less populated area for an unbelievable Glacier experience!

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