Traveling Fulltime Is Hard!
We Had To Make A BIG Change!

by Kevin Watson

We did a video awhile back, where we briefly touched on how we plan our trips and what all that process entails. It is the thing we hate most about fulltime RV life, because it requires so much research, planning, and waiting for the RV parks to call us back to check their availability for the dates we need. The past two years, it has taken a minimum of one full day to plan one month of travel, which may not sound like a lot, but when you plan months at a time, it requires a lot of time.

Based on user recommendations from our viewers, we decided to look at using RV LIFE Trip Wizard for our 10-month journey to Maine, this year. It was highly recommended to us, and almost sounded too good to be true. We go through the process of how the program works and what we like most about using it! Let’s just say, we will never go back to planning our trips without RV LIFE Trip Wizard! We were able to plan all 10-months in three days, and have a much more organized way of storing our trip plans by using this program!

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