Time To Lose Weight!

by Kevin Watson

It’s our first day in Fredericksburg, so we decide not to go out adventuring today, but instead, show you what our days look like when we hang around the campground. Before we left our home base, we had a list of things that we had to get done, and then a list of things we would like to get done. Unfortunately, we ran out of time, so we didn’t get everything on our “like to get done” list completed.

Today, we tackle that list, as we purge the RV of all the little extras we’ve picked up in our journeys. We are trying to simplify our life so that it doesn’t take as long to set-up and break down the RV on travel days. We start our purge by organizing the things we have in the RV and trying to reduce the amount of duplicate items we have.

We also show you what our days look like when we aren’t out on adventures. Between cleaning out the RV, we cook a late breakfast on the Blackstone and dinner on our Pit Boss pellet grill. We let the kids play outside while we work, then take them to the playground for Kaden’s first time in a swing!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Get Phil's Chair
Outdoor Rugs
Portable Outdoor table
 22 inch Blackstone Griddle
Blackstone Cooking Accessories
Blackstone Adjustable Regulator
1/4 Propane Quick Disconnect
3/8 Flare to 1/4 NPT adapter
1/4 Adapter with Quick Disconnect
Blue Shop Towels
Microfiber Cloths
Dewalt 20v Max Orbital Polisher
Basement Storage Boxes 


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

When Kayla Scratched The RV


How We Treat Our Tanks


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