Time To Hit The Road!
Fulltime RV Living...Again!

by Kevin Watson

After nearly three months of living at Alecia’s parents’ house, it’s time for us to move back into our RV, and settle back in to fulltime RV life! Since Alecia is able to get around now, without help from her boot or crutches, we decided not to cancel our Thanksgiving plans that we originally made before Alecia’s accident.

The RV is a big mess since we haven’t done any organizing or cleaning since Kevin packed it up on his own when we left the lake. We have no groceries, clothes or basic living necessities in the RV, so moving back in is going to be a huge job!

Tune in to see if we can get it all done before our travel day, and don’t miss as we share our travel plans for this trip! We are so excited to get back to fulltime RV life and can’t wait to take you along for the adventure! 

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Want Phils Chair
16-foot telescoping ladder
RV Slide Silicone Lube
Red N Tacky Grease
Grease Gun
Gen-Y Executive Pinbox
Lippert Equa-Flex Equalizers
Morryde X factor
Morryde Shackle kit
Lippert Tire Linc
B&W Companion 
Bakflip Mx4 Bedcover 


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