This Would Have Cost Him!

by Kevin Watson

Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered our new merch!  We appreciate it so much and have an idea to create an entire line of Phil’s chair shirts!  Let us know your thoughts!

Our family friend, Thomas, asks Kevin to come by to take a look at a few problems he is having with his RV, so Kevin and Phil make a trip to see if they are able to help him or if his problems will require a trip to the dealership. 

Thomas has also had a maintenance kit on backorder to do his generator maintenance, so Kevin does a little research and finds that a gas kit is the same as the backordered propane kit; it just comes with one extra part, a fuel filter!  So, instead of waiting for the backordered kit, they order the gas kit and show the step-by-step procedure on how to do preventative maintenance on your onboard generator, instead of having the dealer do it for you!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Maxxair Fans
 Cummins Onan Gas Tune up Kit
Craftsman Mechanic Tool Set 


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

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