This Was An Expensive Mistake!

by Kevin Watson

Our truck is down, and we need to get it fixed! When we arrived in New Braunfels after our long caravan from Terlingua, Texas, we heard dragging and grinding sounds from the front of our truck! After investigating the sounds, we believe there is something wrong with our front rotor and brakes!

Typically, we like to make these repairs ourselves, but the RV park we are in currently in has gravel sites, so we call around to get estimates on the job, before deciding if it is worth it to do it ourselves or pay someone to do the repair for us. 

After getting several estimates from local and national chain stores, we ultimately decide to take it to the local Ford dealership. We decide the savings of doing the job ourselves isn’t worth the savings and let the dealer handle the repair.

Watch and see if our original guess of what it will cost is what we actually end up spending.

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