This Is Why We Chose RV Life

by Kevin Watson

Over the past decade, we have missed out on many holidays, family celebrations and memories due to living an on-call work schedule 365 days a year.  When we decided to live the fulltime RV life, one of our main motivations was being able to spend time together, as a family and with our extended family, without the burden of a hectic and unknown work schedule.  We decided missing out on the most important things in life for work, was no longer worth it, so we made BIG life changes!

It has been so rewarding for us to be able to spend quality time with each other and our extended family over the past year!  This holiday season, we were able to travel to Eureka Springs, Arkansas and Table Rock Lake, Missouri to see family we haven't seen in years!  While in Eureka Springs, we played golf, visited Old Historic Downtown and saw the Christmas lights at The Great Passion Play! But most importantly, we got to spend priceless time, with our family!

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Holidays In Branson, Missouri!


 Christmas Time With Family!

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