This Didn't Fix It!
Still Having Problems!

by Kevin Watson

Our Viair pressure relay switch was delivered so we can fix our Viair Onboard Air System.  After a lot of trouble shooting, Kevin thinks he finally found the problem so that the air compressor will stop blowing the fuse!

After nearly a year of not running, Kevin begins exercising again in this video!  He says he needs a head start, before Alecia is able to begin running again, so that he can build up his endurance!  Tune in to see how far he makes it on his first run!  Then he spends the afternoon taking the girls on a Daddy/Daughter date to reward them for all of their help with Mommy!

You’ll also get an update on Alecia’s recovery, along with how our website development is coming along!

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Viair Pressure Switch Relay
 Samsung Galaxy Ear Buds
Resistance Band Set
Brooks Adrenaline 
Brooks Glycerin
Yoga Mat


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

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