Things Are Not Moving Well
RV Black Tank Problems

by Kevin Watson

If you own an RV, you have likely heard the expression, "The RV toilet is burping"! If you have never experienced this, don't know what it means or haven't been able to find a fix for your "burp", then you need to watch this video!

We tried the infamous "ice cube trick" on travel day to see if we could break up our poop pyramid, so stay tuned to see if it worked! We added ice cubes to each toilet upon leaving Panacea, Florida and tested the results when we arrived at Yellow Jacket RV Resort in Old Town, Florida!

We also share why we are breaking our rule of not staying at the same RV Park more than once, to return to Yellow Jacket RV Resort and why this park is so special to us!

 Items Mentioned In This Blog:

Items Used to Fix the POOP Pyramid!

 Zero G Black Water Hose
Flow Meter
Brass Shut Off Valve


Items Used to Perform Tank Flushing!

 Happy Camper Tank Treatment
Dawn Dish Soap
Zep Citrus Degreaser
Camco Sewer Hose
Camco Sidewinder
Valterra Mess Free Waste Valve
Zero G Black Water Hose
Flow Meter
4 FT Garden Hose
Brass Shut Off Valve


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

How we Flush and Maintain our Tanks


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