They Sent Us Two!
Where Are We Going To Put Them?

by Kevin Watson

With our HappiJac bed modification complete, we are ready to install our new queen size mattresses that were delivered from RV Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding!  When it was time to decide what mattresses to go with in our Toyhauler, we knew we wanted another Brooklyn Bedding mattress!  We’ve used the Brooklyn Signature Mattress in our master bedroom for 18 months and love it so much!  Our Toyhauler had a few things that needed to be taken into consideration, regarding size and height, but with the endless options that RV Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding offers, we found mattresses that are a perfect fit for our space!  RV Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding has offered Paving New Paths viewers a 20% discount by using the code found in the video’s description!

Kevin also finishes up the peel-and-stick tile project in the kitchen, living room and bathrooms, and gives a few pointers on that process, which will make it easier if you decide to tackle this project, too! Last, we finish up by giving our RV Armor Roof and awnings/slide toppers a good cleaning!

Items Mentioned in this Blog:

Peel and Stick Tiles
TSP Phosphate Free Cleaner
3M High Strength
Craftsman Utility Knife
Dawn Dish Soap
Mold Armor EZ Wash
16.5 Ft Portable A Frame Ladder
Zero G Black Water Hose
Scrub Brush and Pole


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

 Check out our video on how we modified our HappiJac bed system!


Check out why we had to get a new roof and why we went with RV Armor


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