There Is Always Work With An RV!

by Kevin Watson

We take care of all of the last-minute, big maintenance items that are needed before leaving for our next adventure! Living in an RV fulltime means that you constantly do small maintenance jobs while on the road, but for our larger maintenance jobs, we try and schedule those things for when we are at our home base.  Since we typically visit our home base twice a year, we opt to take care of any major maintenance items at that time. This makes it easier, since we are usually out of our RV at that time and can get the big jobs done much easier than if we were on the road occupying the RV while trying to work!

Our first maintenance item is servicing the ONAN 5500 onboard generator with a fresh oil change, along with changing the air filter, sparkplugs and fuel filter! We then move on to topping off the Dexter EZ Lube Axles with grease, as well as doing a full greasing of the suspension components, including our Equa-flex equalizers and MORryde Heavy Duty Shackle and Wet Bolt Kit! We finish off the mechanical portion of our list by checking the air pressure in our tires, checking the torque on the lug nuts and verifying our TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) is working properly.

Next, we do a thorough flush and dump of our grey and black tanks before doing a complete sanitizing procedure of our freshwater tank and waterlines! And last on our list is changing the hot water heater anode rod and flushing the hot water tank.

With these big maintenance items being addressed while we are home, we can travel knowing our rig is ready to provide us with several months of worry-free operation, with only preventative maintenance and cleaning to do while we are out on our next adventure!

 Items Mentioned in this Blog:

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ONAN 5500 Generator Tune Up Kit
Grease Gun We Use
Grease We use on Axles and Suspension
Morryde X factor Crossmembers
Morryde Heavy Duty Shackles and Wet Bolt Kit
Check out Our TMPS TireLinc System
Water Heater Anode Rods
Water Heater Tank Cleaning Wand
Zep Heavy Duty Degreaser


 Videos Mentioned in this Blog:

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