The Problem With Toy Haulers!
Bigger Isn’t Always Better!

by Kevin Watson

When we were deciding which RV would be best for us to live in fulltime as we traveled the USA with our family, we had a long list of must haves! We watched video after video trying to decide which RV would meet our needs. Looking back, we were a little naïve in thinking we knew what we needed in an RV. Sure, we knew we needed a lot of space for our growing family, but other things were just our best guess, since we had never RV’d as a family before!

After finally deciding on a toy hauler, we decided on a brand. Then came the decision of what floorplan and model to get. The only thing we knew was that we wanted the biggest toy hauler this brand offered! Little did we know that a lot of the things on our must have list would bring us problems and challenges in the future. Maybe you are in the process of deciding what will be the best rig for you or maybe you are looking to go bigger! This video may bring to light some things you’ve never considered, when considering a toy hauler!

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