Stop Buying These Things!

by Kevin Watson

After living in our RV for two years and often being asked if we have a list of things, we bought to get started RV’ing, we decided it was time to answer that question!  You’ll be surprised to learn, that despite what you may have watched on other YouTube channels, the list of “must-haves” is actually very short!

We were in the same boat as you when we got started!  We read all the articles, watched all the YouTube videos and did the same research, because we didn’t want to be on the road and find ourselves in a bind!  We created a very long list of things to buy and spent a lot of money on things we didn’t necessarily need, before we even traveled one-mile in our RV.

This video will save you time, money and headache by solving that question of, “What exactly do I need to get started RV’ing?”  Whether you will be a weekender or live in your RV fulltime, we think you should get out there and learn your rig and how you will use it, before you waste a lot of money, on things you don’t need! 

Items Mentioned In This Blog:

The Things You Need!

Zero- G Drinking Water Hose
Camco Sewer Hose Kit
Maxxhaul Wheel Chocks
25 Foot 50 Amp Power Cord
25 Foot 30 Amp Power Cord 


Things You Don't Need, But May Want!

Tire Linc TPMS
 Furrion Back Up Camera
Garmin RV GPS
MORryde Heavy Duty Shackles
MORryde Crossmembers
Mopeka Propane Tank Sensors
Level Mate Pro
Outdoor Camping Rugs


Videos Mentioned In This Blog:

What A Typical Travel Day Looks Like


Are You Overweight? How To Weigh Your RV And Truck!


How To Maintain Your Black And Grey Tanks!


How To Sanitize Your Fresh Water System


How To Maintain Your RV On The Road!


Make Your Own Jack Blocks! 

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