So…We Had An Accident!

by Kevin Watson

We are bringing you a “real time” update on life, since we had an accident last night that is going to affect our travel plans.  On our last night of a three-week stay at Cypress Bend RV Park in Many, Louisiana, Alecia fell into a ditch walking over to her parents’ RV for dinner.  Her ankles quickly started swelling and we decided we best go to the emergency room since we were due to travel to Tennessee the next morning.  Unfortunately, Alecia broke a bone in her left ankle and they initially thought a bone in her right foot was broken, as well.  Thankfully, that injury was just a sprain!

We discuss how our channel will move forward and ask for feedback on what you are interested in us filming, if we are unable to film family RV adventures.  We have cancelled our first month of adventures until we meet with the surgeon and will post more updates as we receive them.  We appreciate everyone’s prayers and concern and hope to get back on our “Path to Adventure” soon!

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