Small Tunnel, Big Truck...Will It Fit?

by Kevin Watson

We travel down Iron Mountain Road to Custer State Park and see over 1400 bison (or buffalo, as we call them)!  Every year, Custer State Park does a Buffalo Roundup, near Wildlife Loop Road, and we happen to be there days before the roundup will begin.  This meant that, instead of having the buffalo scattered throughout the entire park, they were all gathered in one area, which made for great viewing!

We also see donkeys (or burros), pronghorn sheep and a few mountain goats while we are there, but miss the bighorn sheep, which we were really hoping to see.  After visiting Custer, we head to The Needles Highway, where we attempt to go through a narrow tunnel that has a clearance of 8'4"!  You'll have to watch to see if our Ford F350 Dually made it through or not!

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