She Drank The Water
Hot Springs Arkansas

by Kevin Watson

Hot Springs, Arkansas is a city that literally has history pouring out of it at every turn!  We follow trails to waterfalls and fountains at Grand Promenade, which is just behind famous Bathhouse Row.  The landscaping is beautiful and makes you forget you are in the middle of a city.

Next, we went to the Gangster Museum of America!  If you visit Hot Springs and don’t know the history behind the city, we recommend you go to the Gangster Museum first so that you can get an understanding of the rich history that lies within the city’s past!  

We had a little snack of six cupcakes from Food Network's Cupcake Wars, Fat Bottomed Girls Cupcake Shoppe, which is in the downtown area!  No matter which flavor you choose, you cannot go wrong!  They were all fabulous!  We also tried water from the Thermal Water Station in town, which was a lot of fun and then hiked to Falls Creek Falls at Lake Catherine State Park.

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 Welcome To Hot Springs, Arkansas!


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