RV Park Etiquette You’re Breaking!
How To Annoy Your Neighbors!

by Kevin Watson

The forecast is calling for a lot of rain, so we decide to get all of our outdoor things picked up before the storm rolls in, so that we don’t have to pack up in the rain tomorrow! We are exhausted from all we’ve done in Williamsburg, but are excited to travel to Maryland and explore all of Washington D.C.! We give a quick review over the RV park we’ve been staying at, American Heritage RV Park, and Alecia shares why it wouldn’t be her first pick if we ever return to this area.

The next morning, as we are getting ready to leave, we manage to beat the rain and start on our 150-mile journey to College Park, Maryland! What we think will be a quick drive, turns into a very long travel day, as we get caught in a lot of traffic and rain!

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